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The Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Space Fountain, Via Milano 13) contains from 12 February to 1 May, the exhibition "Colors of the World" organized by National Geographic Italy. A fascinating photographic journey made with the photos of the greatest photographers who work and collaborate with the magazine internationally and nationally.

The exhibition brings together 95 new images of great visual and emotional impact declined through colors: red, green, white and blue. Red, the color of the heart, blood, passion. Green, the color of nature, vegetation. White, the color of innocence, purity. Blue, water and sky. Four colors to describe the present and the future of the world, the strength and the weakness of nature and animals, humility, pride, sorrow and happiness of human beings.

""The exhibition comes from the desire to illustrate how the National Geographic photographers have managed, and able to interpret life on our planet, making the colors stand out," says William Pepper, curator and writer for National Geographic Italy. "Through the colors we see how they live women, children, men in many countries near and far from us, what is the condition of existence for those who must fight against hunger, poverty, war, disease, how animals are able to withstand changes in the their habitats, what happens to the environment under the blows of climate change. But we also see the earth in its uniqueness, people in happy times, the other species in their great diversity, nature and her extraordinary beauty. "

Forty-eight photographers on display, including four Italians: Sam Abell, Lynsey Addario, William Albert Allard, Stephen Alvarez, Ira Block, Robert Clark, Jodi Cobb, Bill Curtsinger, Peter Essick, Melissa Farlow, Alessandro Gandolfi, George Grall, David Alan Harvey, Chris Johns, Lynn Johnson, Ed Kashi, Karen Kasmauski, Tim Laman, Brian Lanker, Sarah Leen, Gerd Ludwig, Pascal Maitre, Manoocher, Steve McCurry, James Nachtwey, Michael Nichols, Paul Nicklen, Flip Nicklin, Randy Olson, Carsten Peter, Antonio Politano, Reza, Jim Richardson, Sandro Santioli, Joel Sartore, Shaul Schwarz, Stephanie Sinclair, Brian J. Skerry, James L. Stanfield, George Steinmetz, Brent Stirton, Amy Toensing, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Stefano Unterthiner, Alex Webb, Steve Winter, Cary Wolinsky, Michael S. Yamashita.

The exhibit "The Colors of the World" is produced with the assistance of Barilla, Levissima and with contributions from Artiser. National Geographic Channel (Sky channel 402) participated in the exhibition "Colors of the World" with a free screening at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in three documentaries that tell different points of view of life on our planet.

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