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Dal 9From April 9 to 17 back to the thirteenth edition of the Culture Week. The Department of Cultural Policy and the Superintendency of Rome Capital participating again this year. In a diverse program of events with free admission to museums, villas and various sites of cultural, artistic and archaeological heritage.

Guided tours will advance the knowledge of the permanent collections of many museums and places of cultural heritage of Rome, itineraries unusual or little known. In addition, a series of events this year is dedicated to the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, allowing you to discover places and memories related to the memory of the Risorgimento, and the transformation that occurred in the urban structure of the city. Of particular interest in this regard, the Museum of the Roman Republic and the memory of Garibaldi, recently opened in Largo di Porta San Pancrazio. Here, too, re-enactments, multimedia, illustration of routes, such as the routes taken by Sharpshooters from Ponte Nomentano a Porta Pia.
The Museum of Roman Civilization is celebrating its centenary with a guided tour, April 21, Christmas Day in Rome, and resumed the initiative "A window on ancient Rome," the new theme of "The Craft of Rome" with short plays and simulations of the craft. For the colorful mosaics and the potter's house, some are devoted to educational workshops for children.

In the Capitoline Museum, you can take part in visits, workshops and meetings designed specifically for the exhibition "Portraits. The many faces of power" on the political and social value of the portrait from the late Roman Republic.

In many museums in the Museums System are ongoing exhibitions on different themes: "The unexpected lightness of the material. The art of the cast of the century "at the House of the Owls of Villa Torlonia, a representative selection of paintings, sculptures and drawings by Basaldella Mirko" Mirko time and myth "to the Casino dei Principi di Villa Torlonia, the paintings of Honore Carlandi are on display at the Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi, with the title "Poetry of Nature. Carlandi Watercolor Onorato." Bilotti Museum's exhibition "Alessandra Giovannoni. On the Way" at the Napoleonic Museum a unique exhibition explores the relationship between "Giuseppe Mazzini and the music."

Great choice for visitors, including archaeological sites - such as wage Sepolcreto, save the Park or the Theatre of Marcellus - and in particular places, such as the Museo del Teatro Argentina, the Mausoleum Ossuary and Garibaldi and the Monumental Complex of the Verano Cemetery .

Those who prefer green can choose the walk that allows you to discover the secret story of the three gardens of Villa Borghese, the secrets because once the exclusive use of the prince, and now restored in the original seventeenth century both in the design of the flowerbeds in the choice of blooms .

Enclosed is the schedule for the week of culture with all the initiatives planned in Rome
Info and reservations: 060608 (every day 9.00 - 21.00)

Info also on the websites: www.zetema.it; www.museiincomune.roma.it; www.060608.it
And for the Week of Culture on a national scale www.beniculturali.it