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The new Macro message today the inauguration of multiple well-established formula. It 's the turn of the new construction of the large room with the works of Arcangelo Enel Sassolino, Ernesto Neto and the intervention of Dan Perjovschi; of photographic exhibitions Pediconi No Trace of Beatrice and Roberto De Paolis and New York Shots of Howard Schatz, the two permanent works of the international competition winners Macro2%, Rope Arthur Duff and Horizon Floating Nathalie Junod Ponsard.

The room Enel, on the occasion, becomes an ideal container for three different languages ​​known artists in the international arena and offers the public an experience that involves all the senses. The first speech - little soul, created especially for Macro Sassolino Archangel - gives voice and sound to the room: a large steel box thunders, literally, and changes its shape due to a cyclical process of placing and removal of air pressure inside. The visitor is engaged by the unexpected movement / noise that comes from the work.

For new construction, the work While Nothing Happens, created by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto in 2008 for the Macro, it was rebuilt in the great room creating a meditative and intimate space, thanks to the plasticity of its form and its suggestions smell. Long "socks" lycra floating down slightly from the wooden frame, each weighted by a load of spices that perfume the space of cloves, pepper, turmeric, ginger and cumin.
Opened as a work in progress on 11 February, The crisis is (not) over. Drawings and Dioramas, the gigantic fresco Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi, completes the trio of interventions in the room Enel. Paradoxical epigrams and drawings enliven the white wall, giving rise to a story in pictures on the contemporary world. The curator of the work is Teresa Macri.

Going to the old wing of the museum, ten large photos are displayed along the walls of the Hall. The physicality of the body is at the heart of New York Shots, the gallery of shots that Howard Schatz dedication to the environment of the New York boxing. Great champions Italian Americans - Vinny Maddalone, Louis Savarese, Peter Manfredo, Joe LaGuardia, Lou Di Bella - who have distinguished themselves on the American boxing scene, inspired this reflection of Schatz and the photographic series that has resulted has won prestigious awards, American Photo: Images of the Year and the Prix de la Photographie Paris as a photographer of the year. The exhibition is curated by Gabriele Tinti (from March 25 to May 1).

No Trace The exhibition - curated by Constance Paissan and set up the second floor of the museum - confirms the interest of Macro for young artists of Rome, sixteen large-format photographic prints together in a game of references, the results are very different artistic research Pediconi of Beatrice and Roberto De Paolis on the theme of space and time. The first shots in her chasing the changing nature of the material, just in case the water stained with traces of ink, while the images of the bodies of Elena De Paolis, Lucilla, Jasmine, Dario are suspended between reality and dream-like dimension, in space "built" more mental than physical (from 25 March to 15 May).

Special attention, then, deserves the international ban on so-called 2%, won by the facilities for the Macro "Rope" by Arthur Duff, and "Floating Horizon" by Nathalie Junod Ponsard. The project includes an Act of '49, which commits the government to allocate 2% of planned spending for the construction of public buildings, the purchase of works of art for their landscaping. Then: Macro for the new building, two new permanent works for two passageways of the exhibition. The theme of the interventions on the recommendation of the architect Odile Decq creator of the structure, is light.
The sites identified are the elevator shaft - "step from the shadows of the parking area in the light of the foyer - and the staircase that connects Via Nice with the large terrace of the museum -" indicates that area away from space, from the road to progress' opening to the terrace. "

Arthur Duff (Wiesbaden, Germany, 1973) has intervened in the rooms with fire red neon installation that is a quote taken from the screenplay of the film "Rope" (Rope) Alfred Hitchcock: "The action of the story is continuous, there are no time lapses of Any Kind (The action of the story is continuing and there are no lags of any kind.) Complete the installation another message, visible at the bottom of the glass lifts only when they are moving "Cat and rat cat and rat, only who's the cat and who's the rat," always comes from the same film.
The Frenchwoman Nathalie Junod Ponsard (Compiegne, 1961), however, has made its installation led and "Horizon float" along the staircase that connects the exterior of the new macro to the terrace. Horizontal lines from the chromatic variable accompany the visitor in the building, at the same time changing the perception, with shades ranging from red to cyan, from orange to indigo blue and yellow to dark blue and that intensified with the decline of the sun.

Exhibitions and installations are sponsored by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Affairs and Historical Center - Superintendent of Cultural Heritage.

Via Nizza 138, corner of Via Cagliari
Tuesday - Sunday from 11 to 22
Macroticket: Macro MacroTestaccio + € 11, reduced by 9 (for residents in the municipality of Rome 10:08 euro), valid for 7 days