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The figure of the 'Emperor Nero will be told, from 12 April to 18 September, in an exhibition that will include a guided tour of the archaeological area of Nero in five places in central Rome. The exhibition will develop it in the exhibition at the Coliseum II, the Curia Julia and the Temple of Romulus in the Roman Forum and Nero's Criptoportico in the museum on the Palatine.

With this exhibition the last Julio-Claudian emperor, is to emphasize the news about two aspects of the kingdom: the fire that destroyed most of the city in 64 AD and the subsequent political reconstruction begun by the emperor in Rome from 64 68 AD

The exhibition, which takes place in most areas of the old 'central archaeological area of ​​Rome, thus creating a direct relationship with the places in which it lived and Nero got involved, then the aim of offering a new reading of the ambitious building activity emperor. This earnest industriousness is illustrated by recent findings conducted in the buildings in the area of ​​Nero on the Palatine and the public presentation of the important excavations in the valley of the Coliseum, a monument that, in its second order, is home to the reconstruction of the fire based on the materials found. They have allowed us to recognize the situation in the valley of the Colosseum the day before the fire, on the day of the disaster (18 July 64 AD) and then the beginning of the reconstruction area.
In this section, are then examined in the grandiose building programs of the emperor and the architectural decoration of his time, with a new virtual tour of the Domus Aurea.

The exhibition is also enriched by a wider examination of the figure of Nerone, through his family relationships and the propaganda of the time it made it so "infamous" the emperor's name until today (in an anthology film also shows).

They are in fact provided a section on the image of ancient and modern Nero, a section on portraits of his family - in particular of Claudius, Agrippina the mother and wife of the emperor - Nero and another on propaganda, which saw the assimilation Emperor of the Sun and its celebration as a charioteer and the winner of the Parties.

The exhibition is curated by the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of Rome by Maria Antonietta Tomei and Rossella Rea, in collaboration with Electa.

From 8.30 to one hour before sunset.
There shall be no closing day.
The ticket office closes one hour earlier.

Full price € 12.00, € 7.50 reduced
The same ticket allows access to the Colosseum, the Palatine and the Roman Forum

Information and guided tours
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