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The Houndred Painters of Via Margutta PDF Print E-mail
Back for the 88th consecutive time, from April 28 to May 1, the most famous and traditional art gallery en plein air of Rome, the Hundred Painters of Via Margutta. It does not miss the national recall for the anniversary, the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, from the day of opening to closing, from start to stand next to each painting and each stand, a flag tricolor, ready to fly but gently explained by the spring breezes that run along the innermost of the streets around the Piazza del Popolo


Tricolore in part, via Margutta presents the usual panorama of styles and techniques: 120 artists, more than three thousand works, including oils, watercolors, drawings and even sculptures. All be visited from 10 am to 21 pm. With the novelty of foreign artists like the painter (and interior decorator) Margherita Lipinska Polish, which uses sheets of jute bags and coffee instead of canvas, or like English Gerald Anthony Binns with his elves and goblins, and the Peruvian landscape Freddy Toledo, Kristina Milakovic Slavic and abstract ...

Without, however, forget the local roots in earth and, for example embodied in mosaic Crescenziano Inetti from Subiaco, 86, recently authored a mosaic with the papal emblem for Pope Benedict XVI. And not forgetting the followers of currents and trends - such as surrealism and symbolism - not willing to surrender in the face of contemporary art at the turn of events that has turned every mark, including that of postmodernism.

The Hundred Painters of Via Margutta have three public advocacy, under the banner of the Lazio Region, the Province of Rome and Roma Capitale. To learn more, www.centopittoriviamargutta.it.