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Friday, 11 April 2014 00:00 | Written by Paolo

Palazzo Cipolla

From 18 April to 28 September2014

After thegreat successobtainedin Milan, AndyWarholfinally arrivesin Rome.

The worksof the American artist, Fatherof American Pop Art,will be housedin the rooms of

renovatedMuseoFondazione Roma,PalazzoCipolla.

The exhibition presentsover 150 works,paintings, photographs, sculpturesthat are part ofBrant

Foundation andtell apowerful storyand aunique culturalexchangebetweenyoung

collectorand the artist.

Ameeting from whichwill be bornfromauniquepartnershipwhichwill lead tothe legendaryandgroundbreakingmagazine

Interviewby Warholhimselffoundedin 1969andthatBrantwill purchasewith hispublisher

immediately afterthe artist's deathin 1987.



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