Events in Rome

Eventi a Roma

Raffaello and Parmigiano and Barocci

Rome Museum Capitolini Raffaello and Parmigiano and Barocci from 02/10/2015 till 10/01/2016 The exhibition compares the art of Francesco Mazzola, known as inplaces, Francesco Mazzola known as Parmigianino and Federico Barocci, two artists who lived at different times, with the work of Raphael. On display are paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints revealing a common thread between the three masters, each of whom shake the history of art during the Renaissance and Mannerism eras.

Rome Film Festival 2015

ROME Parco della Musica from 16 October to 24 October 2015 For its tenth edition, the Rome Film Fest restores its original name, and will be held from October 16 to 24, 2015. On October 24th, a day will be dedicated to repeat screenings of the films. The Auditorium Parco della Musica is confirmed as the main venue of the event: for ten days, the building complex designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano will be the centre of attraction for professionals, journalists, and film buffs, hosting screenings, encounters, exhibitions, events, conferences, debates. The 1,300 square metres of the avenue leading to the Cavea (an open-air theatre square used) will become one of the largest red carpets in the world.But the Fest will involve the rest of the Capital city as well.

Il Quirinale senza segreti

Il Palazzo del Quirinale sarà aperto tutti i giorni alle visite del pubblico, un'iniziativa fortemente voluta dal presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella per rendere fruibili a tutti i tesori del palazzo e per avvicinare l'istituzione ai cittadini. I cancelli saranno aperti dalle 9.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 14.00 alle 17.00 dal lunedì al venerdì, e dalle 9.00 alle 14.00 il sabato. Domenica riposo. Due i percorsi possibili all'interno del palazzo. Il primo, quello artistico-istituzionale, è gratuito se non per un costo di prenotazione di 1,50 euro. Il secondo percorso, dal costo di 10 euro, comprende in più anche alcuni percorsi tematici: la Vasella, ovvero l'esposizione di servizi da tavola, porcellane orientali e di grande pregio, candelabri; poi i famosi Giardini e la visita al Museo delle Carrozze.

Swirl of Fires of the Castel Sant'Angelo

Monday, June 29, 2015 at 21.30 in Rome fireworks for swirl of fires of Castel Sant'Angelo on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul . Firework created by Michelangelo and Bernini reworked for a unique and unforgettable evening . The historic castle overlooking the Tiber turns on lights and colors for the grand finale of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul

The Age of Anxiety

ROME MUSEI CAPITOLINI from 28/01/2015 till 04/10/2015 In less than one hundred fifty years, in fact the Empire changed its character, coming to the establishment of the Tetrarchy, the loss of the role of the capital city of Rome and the organization of the Italian territory, which was subdivided into dioceses that were equated to the rest of the Empire. Ancient historians reflect on these profound changes in their world, as one can read in Cassius Dio's books, who at the beginning of the third century AD referred to the end of the reign of Marcus Aurelius as the end of the golden age: After his death, history descends from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust. The decisive factor was the end of dynastic transmission of political power, which was subsequently concentrated in the hands of the army, capable of imposing the emperors and eliminate them. It is a world that permanently changes its social structure, with the collapse of its institutions and the emergence of new social forces.

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