Al Boschetto Restaurant

Al Boschetto

Rome Centre Restaurant

Via del Boschetto 30 ( Via Nazionale )

Tel 0039-06.4744770 Closed on Sunday lunch






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Restaurant Al Boschetto will welcome you with its mushrooms specialties.

Al Boschetto is located in the exact centre of Rome, a few steps from Via Nazionale, the famous street of Rome, full of shops.

The food is inspired by roman tradition. Generous portions; wholesome and delicious. The owners beleive that natural is best.

All ingredients are fresh--from the hops and grains for the beer to the vegetables and other ingredients in the entrees.

Many of our guests who reserve through the internet do it to celebrate something special: a birthday, a marriage, an anniversary.

Our guests know we can offer them something really special, a unforgettable evening in perfect syntony with the most important moments in their lives.

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