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Rome " Chiostro del Bramante " till 25 August 2019 Until August 25th 2019 A theme that becomes travel, discovery, knowledge, emotion: the dream. The great protagonists of contemporary art are revealed through intimate and visionary works. An extraordinary place: Chiostro del Bramante in Rome. Eyes open or eyes closed, night or day, in the drawer or made: an exhibition that talks about desires, expectations, fantasies, exorcised fears. An exhibition that allows the viewer to shape their dreams. DREAM is an allegorical journey towards the most secret part of the human soul; through the idea of ​​travel the theme of the dream that constitutes the channel or "the real road" is developed, according to the thought of Sigmund Freud, to get in touch with the unconscious and the spiritual dimension. The exhibition, curated by Danilo Eccher, addresses the dream as an element of reflection, of discovery, as a private expression, as a gateway to the deepest space of the soul. Site-specific works alternate works redesigned for the spaces of the Chiostro del Bramante, in a succession that becomes a single great story, also thanks to the direct involvement of the artists. An exhibition path imagined as an experience that leads the public from the most shady areas to the meditative dimension, up to the heavenly spaces of the soul.

Rome Photo Marathon

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Rome Piazza San Silvestro 26 May 2019 from 09.00 Italia Photo Marathon is a cultural event that combines the passion for photography and the promotion of the territory. It's a day dedicated to photography and there's no need to run! It is open to anyone with any digital medium. It involves citizens and tourists, photography lovers and lovers, friends and onlookers stimulating them to imagine a theme assigned over a fun day in which to experience the city in an alternative way.

The Municipal Rose Garden of Rome

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Rome Rose Garden 2019: till 16 June 2019 The Municipal Rose Garden of Rome Over 1100 different varieties of roses are ready to bloom in what one of the most romantic gardens in Rome: the Municipal Rose Garden of the Capital. One of the most prestigious botanical collections of roses in the world, which allows us to trace the history and evolution of the rose from antiquity to the present day. The cultivated specimens come from the Far East up to South Africa, from Old Europe up to New Zealand, passing through the Americas. There are primordial species (botanical roses) that date back to 40 million years ago, very precious and little known, together with ancient roses, all of great originality and beauty

Andy Warhol in Rome

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Rome Complesso del vittoriano from 03rd OCTOBER 2018 al 03rd FEBRUARY 2019 An exhibition entirely dedicated to the myth of Warhol, created on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of his birth. The Andy Warhol exhibition is produced and organized by Arthemisia in collaboration with Eugenio Falcioni & Art Motors srl and curated by Matteo Bellenghi. An exhibition that starts from the artistic origins of Pop Art: in 1962 the genius of Pittsburgh began using screen printing to create the Campbell's Soup series, canned soups that Warhol takes from the shelves of supermarkets to deliver them to the art Olympus. Follow the series on Elvis, on Marilyn, on Coca-Cola

Pixar's Exhibition

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Rome from 09 October 2018 till 20 January 2019 With over 400 drawings, sculptures, sketches, collages and storyboards and a huge selection of video material, Pixar. 30 years of animation, an exhibition curated by Elyse Klaidman and by Maria Grazia Mattei for the Italian edition, takes you on a gripping tour of the Pixar Studios, plunging you into the creative universe of Pixar. And it is now coming to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome!
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