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A Bit About Julia Bar Service

We open our bar at 07:30 offering a fresh and pure freshly ground Italian coffee in the form of espresso or cappuccino.

Together with the hot drink we offer sweets and croissants to enjoy a type of local breakfast “alla Romana”.

By taking care to change the type of dessert offered daily, our customers come more willingly to have breakfast, renewing their energy to face their walks along the historic center of Rome where our hotel is located.

All in a beautiful atmosphere served by a very fast WiFi to stay in touch with your loved ones at home.

Julia Bar Service

Julia Bar Service was born from the continuous requests from our customers to have a different, innovative and above all convenient breakfast, allowing the guest to pay only for what he consumes without having to join a breakfast service of which he enjoys only a part.


Caffè Espresso...€ 2.00
Cappuccino...€ 2.50
Caffellatte...€ 2.50
Latte Macchiato...€ 2.50


Fruit Juice...€ 300
White Wine...€ 3.50
Red Wine...€ 3.50
Prosecco...€ 3.50
Beer...€ 3.50


Croissant...€ 1.50
Tart With Fruit Jam...€ 1.50
Cocoa or Vanilla Donut...€ 1.50
Snack...€ 1.50
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